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My birthday is finally here!  Probably going to spend it like I would a normal day, but I'll be sure to find something fun to occupy myself with.  May everyone enjoy it as well.


My birthday is finally here!  Probably going to spend it like I would a normal day, but I'll be sure to find something fun to occupy myself with.  May everyone enjoy it as well.
My birthday is on August 27th.  Now no one can say that I didn't warn them ahead of time.  Have a great weekend everyone.

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This story contains scenes of a graphic nature that depict violence and abuse.  This content may be disturbing to some readers.  Reader discretion is advised.

A sudden gasp of air roused him from a deep sleep.  As if his body had forgotten to breath and only now remembered to do so.  The shock caused him to roll over onto his side from his back, filling his lungs with air through wheezing coughs.   With much effort he rolled to his stomach and lifted his body with his arms, his breath starting to come back to him normally.  His body ached from the haggard breathing and his heart felt like it was pounding.  Once he'd slowed down an opportunity was taken to look around him and soak in just where he was.  

Instead of waking in his bed or on the couch like he'd normally find himself, Marco Diaz instead was on the floor of what looked like a destroyed class room.  His skinny jeans and red hoodie were caked in dust and tattered.  As the boy pulled himself to his feet he found his muscles were sore but nothing appeared to be broken or seriously injured.  Not that the same could be said of the classroom, which had a huge hole in one of the walls and scattered desks everywhere as if something had exploded inward.  "Wha... what happened?"  He couldn't remember, clearly something serious had occurred that could cause this kind of damage but it wasn't something he could recall.  "Head's aching, can't think straight."  

"Marco?"  A voice called out to him from somewhere in the room.  "Marco, are you alive?"  

"Al?"  That voice, it could only be his friend Alphonso.  The gangling, bespectacled boy's voice normally cracked at various points when he talked, but now it sounded faint and nearly sobbing when he called out.  "I can't get up.  He's too heavy."  

"He?"  Marco was still dazed but managed to follow his voice past some rolled over desks and chunks of wall that filled the class room.  There were other things too... things that might have once belonged to students (or once had been students) but he didn't want to look at them right now.  This was already too much to process.  "Al?"  

"Here."  The voice called out weakly, forcing Marco to acknowledge one of the things he'd been trying to ignore.  Before him was a large body laying completely still, its back bloodied and torn as if something had slashed them repeatedly.  The shape and size of the body was familiar to Marco but he tried not to think about it as he pulled the figure off of Alphonso and made sure to avoid looking at the dead boy's face.  "Oh... oh thank you, Marco.  My legs are... I think they're broken."  Marco looked down to see Alphonso's legs had been given near the same treatment as the previous person's back.  There were cuts and bruises but it didn't look too bad considering the state of everything around them.  "Marco, thank God you're okay."  

"Al, what's... I don't... I don't understand anything."  How could he wake up to all of this?  What was all of this?  "Where's Ms. Skullnick?"  

"I dunno.  I think she was trying to stop them."  Alphonso replied weakly.  Ms. Skullnick was their teacher who through a series of magical mistakes had been previously turned into a troll.  While it did surprisingly little to change her attitude and appearance it did make her a much stronger and a more capable teacher.  Even with her mean attitude Marco didn't think she'd ever leave a hurt student behind to fend for themselves, but Alphonso hinted at something more going on.

"Them?  Who?  Who is them?"  

"The monsters."  Alphonso said fearfully.  "They did something... blew up the wall or broke it.  I don't know, I didn't see a lot after it happened.  They charged into the class and things got out of control.  Ferguson, he... Marco he protected me."  Marco felt his body tremble, remembering the large figure of a boy that he'd rolled off of Alphonso.  "He knew, I'm sure he knew this would happen and he protected me anyway."  

"This can't be happening..."  Marco said and fought the urge to fall to the ground again.  As weird as it sounded, monster attacks were not unusual for the town of Echo Creek anymore.  Ever since Star Butterfly came to live with Marco she'd brought with her a lot of the unusual magical presence of her own alien realm, Mewni.  No one ever thought too much of it though, in the past Star had been able to repel any monster attack on her person with her own overwhelming magical powers from her personal wand.  That was the very thing the monsters were after in the first place.  Even Marco himself had been able to fight the monsters off, finding them to be mostly incompetent at their attempts to steal Star's magic.  This however... all of this was another story.  

"They're going to kill her."  Alphonso pleaded with Marco.  "Star ran out of the room and they all chased her.  She's in a lot of trouble."

"Okay... okay, just wait here, alright?  I'll get help."  Marco didn't know what he was going to do exactly but he had to try something.  Alphonso began to look away from Marco and his focus drifted off, perhaps to sleep?  That had to be it, just to go to sleep after all this trauma.  He didn't want to think about it any more seriously than that, even if he couldn't bring himself to look back and Alphonso wasn't talking anymore.  "I'll get help, it'll be okay.  Just wait."  Pushing his way past the destruction of the class room Marco exited through the destroyed door into the hallway.

Things outside the room were quiet but in no better shape.  The hall was torn up as debris from the walls laid on the floor, along with lockers and some of their contents spilled to the ground.  There were other things too... red stains and things that probably were once students.  Marco still couldn't look at them, the idea of it somehow too much for him.  "Where did they go?"  He asked out loud, looking around for some sort of sign as to where the fight might have spilled to.  As his eyes wandered he found someone else who was in the hallway along with him.  "Excuse me?  Did you see a girl with long blonde hair?"  

"Are you talking to me?"  The figure responded, very calmly despite all the destruction around him.  Rather than be horrified he seemed more bored than anything, reading a social studies text book and slowly turning the pages.  Also he didn't look like any student or teacher Marco had ever met; a tall figure in a suit that reminded him of a business man or a lawyer.  Black hair slicked back with shiny gel and now that Marco noticed it, a finger missing from his right hand that seemed to be cleanly cut off.

He was also a standing, talking lizard man monster.  Like a crocodile of some sort.  But that didn't seem too weird to Marco for some reason.  

"Yeah, she was wearing a blue dress and had a hair band with devil horns on it."  Marco continued to explain, unable to shake the woozy feeling that had plagued him since he woke.  He was worried he might have some kind of head trauma, but would address it after finding Star.  

"Oh, that girl.  Yes, she passed by here a bit ago, heading outside I believe?"  The lizard man motioned past him down the hall and Marco thanked him for his help, trudging past him and all the destruction around them.  Marco mostly ignored it though as it made it easier to proceed forward.  Even with threats apparent all around he couldn't muster more than a trudging walk, as if his legs had become too heavy to move freely.  Stepping between the mess on the floor Marco was able to avoid touching most of it with his feet.  Aside from one discarded belonging the rolled away from him with a very familiar sound.

"Wait."  Marco felt himself freeze in place and his heart skip.  Leaning down he grabbed hold of the belonging he'd pushed with his foot to find it was a skateboard.  The surface was an aqua blue with two sea green stripes running down from front to back.  Slowly Marco turned the skateboard over to reveal a heart shaped design on the bottom, along with red smears and golden hairs caught up in the wheels of the board.  He dropped it back to the ground in horror, breathing heavily.  "Jackie... oh God Jackie!  Please, just be okay."  There was no logic behind all of this chaos around him but he couldn't ignore that people were getting hurt.  People he cared about were being harmed... or worse.  "Have to keep going.  Can't stop!"  

With a renewed sense of urgency Marco's feet seemed to fly now, getting his second wind.  He traveled through the halls and burst through the heavy metals doors that exited the school.  Outside he found what he'd been looking for.  

Star Butterfly was there, standing in front of the school and surrounded by monsters.  It the monster gang from Mewni, a group of various creatures of all shapes and sizes lead by the small and bird-beaked monster known as Ludo.  Something was wrong with this scene though.  The princess of Mewni looked winded and tired, her clothing was a mess and she seemed to be bleeding from various cuts on her legs and arms.  Her wand was glowing with magical power and it was keeping the beasts at bay.  But even the monsters themselves felt wrong as they all looked familiar to Marco but different.  Their faces and bodies seemed to be contorted and twisted as if they'd been pulled out of fun house mirrors.  He didn't understand why they'd suddenly become so frightening and dangerous but he knew he had to help his friend.

"Star, I'm here!"  Marco shouted as he charged forward, sliding under the legs of a tall giraffe monster man who's neck was corkscrewed in a circle instead of the normal upward form it took.  The agile maneuver was surprisingly easy for him considering the pain he'd been in earlier but Marco didn't complain, instead rushing to Star's side as she magically blasted away a hideous looking giant chicken creature with a huge razor sharp claws that just missed their mark due to her attack.

"Marco!"  Star shouted happily as he joined his friend on the battlefield.  The two students stood back to back as the monsters watched them carefully, mouths dripping hideously with drool and foam.

"Star, what's going on?  What happened to them?"  

"They're here for the wand."  Star replied, though that didn't answer Marco's question at all as to how her enemies had deformed into such disgusting creatures.  Before he could get further clarification however there was a horrible laughing coming from back towards the school.  Over the crowd of creatures Marco could make out the form of Ludo, who himself seemed to have been deformed into a hunch back like figure with a gleaming, wicked smile and pure black eyes.  Next to him was Lobster Claws, a monster Marco had met in the past who had seemed fairly simple minded and innocent by all accounts.  Today however he still was smiling but it was a face that was vacant of innocence, joy or even malice.  As if he were just an empty shell of a creature.  

Ludo snickered more and hit his skull-topped staff against the school's flag pole.  Letting out a ringing sound to get everyone's attention.  "So Princess, what do you say?"  The little monster asked.  "Why not just give us the wand and we'll leave?  That's all we want."  

"Never!"  Star screamed in defiance, still holding her position ready for a fight and Marco doing the same along side her.  Marco was uneasy though.

"Star?  If it will stop this, maybe we should?"  He knew the wand was dangerous if it was in the wrong hands, but after seeing all this destruction.... after everything that had happened to his friends.  "Star, Ferguson is-"

"I said 'never'."  The princess replied, sounding colder and more serious than he'd ever heard Star speak before.  "Marco I can't let him get this wand, no matter what.  You know that."

"I'm just... not sure if we should..."

"You know I can't let them get this wand, no matter what."  Star protested and Marco couldn't find the words to argue with her.  The monsters were no longer attacking though, content with surrounding the pair at this time.  For a moment he thought they could come up with a plan to escape with the sudden lull in the fighting.  However opportunity came around the corner, and it wasn't one for them.  

"Marco?"  A girl's voice called out.  

"Janna?"  Marco called back as the girl in the green wool knit cap and jacket came into sight, heading straight for them.  Upon seeing her friends she began to run their way.

"Marco!  Star!  Just stay there, okay?  I'll come and save you."  To Marco's horror she began to charge right for them.

"Janna, don't!  Stay back, they're too dangerous."  Marco tried to reason with her but the girl was set on coming near them.  A terrible choice as it lead right past Ludo who saw his chance.  With a motion of his staff the monster at his side extended its arm and pulled Janna back by the neck with one of the huge lobster claws by which it was named after.  Janna struggled to get free but the tight pincers held her firmly in place, unable to move or speak.  "Janna!  NO!"  Seeing his distress Ludo's wicked grin widened.  The expression on Lobster Claws never changed, still a vacant and haunting smile with no emotion.

"How about this princess?  You give us the wand, and we won't kill this girl.  What do you say?"  The small monster bargained, watching Star closely for her answer.  However the princess did not waver.

"I will never give you this wand."  Star replied to Marco's horror.

"Star for goodness sake, they're going to kill Janna!  Just give them the wand!"  He pleaded with her but Star didn't move a muscle.  She didn't even blink, just staring down Ludo in challenge.

"I said 'never'."  She repeated, leaving Marco unsure of what to do.  Ludo laughed loudly at her.  

"Really princess?  'Never'?  Again?  How many of these human brats do I have to kill in front of you before you'll give up?"  That question shook Marco hard as he realized what Ludo was implying.

"Star... did he say... he killed other students in front of you?"  Despite asking her the question Star didn't respond, still frozen in that same pose and ready to fight.  Marco however was standing with his arms at his sides, unable to believe what he was hearing.  "You'd let people die just to save that wand?"  She didn't answer him, but another voice did.

"Shocking, isn't it?"  Marco looked away from where Ludo was standing to the exit he'd come through earlier.  The lizard man in the suit was here now but the other monsters didn't seem to notice him.  As if he wasn't there at all to them.  "She'd go to such lengths to protect that magic trinket.  Even letting her friends die in front of her.  Why do you think that is, Marco?"  The boy didn't think about how the lizard man might have known his name.  Instead too focused on what was happening before him.  

"I got to... I've got to stop this."  Marco said aloud to himself, taking a step forward.  As soon as he acted though so did Ludo.

"Time's up."  Ludo announced and Lobster Claws closed his pincers together, severing the resistance between them.  Marco watched helplessly as his friend's head tumbled to the ground, followed shortly by her body.  His mouth hung open but no words were able to escape him, not that it stopped Ludo from continuing.  "Oh well, there goes another one.  Not to worry, I'm sure we'll find lots more around here."  

"J...Ja..."  Marco couldn't even find a way to speak anymore, his mind unable to deal with this stress.  Then he felt a hand rest on his shoulder, looking over to see the lizard man had somehow made his way past the crowd of monsters right next to Marco.  Star didn't even look at him, everyone seeming to ignore his existence except Marco.  The lizard man spoke and his voice was a soothing sound of reason where Marco was surrounded by pure madness.

"I know, I know.  You've seen something terrible today.  It's frightening and it doesn't look like it will stop.  But it CAN stop.  All you have to do is walk away."

"Walk...away?"  Marco asked, unsure of what the lizard man was going on about.

"Do you know why she doesn't care, Marco?  Why she let your friends die for her wand?  For her own selfish reasons?"  He let the question hang in the air but Marco didn't know the answer either.  "Because she's not human.  She looks human.  Innocent and sweet and acts like your closest friend.  But deep down you know the truth; she's not human.  She's a monster.  Just like them."  Marco tried to argue with him but he couldn't come up with the words.  It all made sense didn't it?  She wasn't from Earth, she wasn't human.  She'd let them all die before giving up that wand.  "The correct thing to do is obvious."  Yes, the correct thing to do was obvious.  Turning his back on Star, Marco began to walk.

"Marco?"  Star called out fearfully.  "Marco where are you going?"  He didn't stop, instead thinking about what happened to his friends and how this girl wasn't one of them.  "Marco, please, come back.  I can't do this without you."  He was nearing the crowd of monsters now and they parted for him, moving aside so he could exit without any fuss.  Before he could though a hand grabbed hold of his wrist.  It wasn't tough and heavy like the lizard man.  This one was soft and comforting, it made him want to squeeze it in return but he fought the urge.  "Please... I can't without you.  I need you."  She sounded desperate, her voice shaking but Marco held strong.  Another hand fell on his arm but he ignored it.  Until a third hand gripped him and caused him to finally look back.

Where Star had been was now a transformed version of herself.  Her body was purple all over, including her dress and hair.  Her eyes glowed and took on a heart shape and from her sides sprouted three pairs of arms.  She was like some sort of insect and human hybrid, a form she'd taken some time ago during her Mewberty metamorphosis.  At that time while the form had reminded Marco that Star wasn't human like him he still loved her like his dear friend.  But now after what had happened to Janna he could see her for what she really was... a monster, inside and out.  With a quick tug Marco pulled himself free of all three of her arms and exited the closing in crowd of monsters around her.  

"Marco!  Marco please don't leave me!  Please!"  She shouted fearfully but he kept his back to her, trying to push out the terrible noises that followed.  Sounds of a fight that was brutally one sided and a girl screaming for help as she was losing that battle.  Marco's fist closed tightly into balls and he shut his eyes, only to snap them open again when the lizard man stood before him once more suddenly and spoke.

"You made the right decision.  I know how hard that must have been but now it'll be all over soon.  You're a hero, son."  

"H-hero?"  Nothing about this felt heroic.  Nothing felt right.  

"Of course.  Heroics always involve a bit of messiness, but you can rationalizing anything if you put your mind to it."  He was smiling now, amused at Marco's suffering.  "Looks like they've finished up, shouldn't be long now.  Take a look for yourself."  Pulling out a cloth from his pocket, the lizard man bent down and picked up something in his hand.  When Marco looked at what was presented to him he saw the lizard man was holding a detached purple arm in his grip.


"Now now, son.  No regrets.  After all you can't take it back."  The lizard man laughed at him and suddenly began lightly slapping Marco with the detached arm.  So shocked by these events the boy didn't know how to respond before finally pushing the hand away.  Though that just made the lizard man insist on putting it in his face more.  "What's the matter boy?  Miss your friend?  I'm sure I could gather up a few more parts of her to take home if you like?  At least the fun bits."  Something snapped in him and Marco began to swing his hands back in useless, powerless slaps.  It did very little but amuse the monster.  "Marco."  The lizard man said and the boy kept fighting.  "Marco!"  The lizard man called his name again, the boy swinging with even more fury.  "MARCO!"

A sudden gasp of air roused him from a deep sleep.  As if his body had forgotten to breath and only now remembered to do so.  His eyes shot open wide as he looked forward to see two blue eyes staring back into his own.  Panting hard Marco looked around himself in the dark to try and understand what was happening.  His wrists being held in a strong grip over his head by the person sitting near him.  

"Marco, are you okay!?"  Her voice spoke out and Marco's body began to relax, realizing who was with him.


"Oh good, you're awake."  The blonde girl said and let his arms go.  Once her grip was released the boy sat up in bed and looked around himself.  He was in his bedroom and by the moonlight shining through his window he could tell it was the middle of the night.  Instead of torn up clothing Marco was in his light blue pajamas and Star was wearing her dark blue night gown with a moon design on the front.  Everything seemed normal.  

"Star, what... what are you doing in my room?"  Marco asked, trying to shake the cobwebs out of his head but still feeling groggy.

"I got up for some water and heard you making all sorts of noises in here.  Were you having a nightmare?"  His breathing was becoming normal again and Marco nodded to her in reply.  She gave him a moment to collect himself before speaking again.  "Did you want to talk about it?"  

"I... I think I'm okay."  Marco said, even if he felt that he wasn't okay at all right now.  

"Are you sure?  You sounded really upset."

"Yeah, you don't have to worry about it.  It wasn't that bad."  

"You tried to punch me when I tried to wake you up."  Star explained, still not convinced that he was okay at all.  Finding it difficult to argue with that evidence Marco finally confessed.

"It's just it was... okay I lied before, it was bad."  Marco finally admitted.  Star seeing he was ready to talk climbed up on the opposite end of Marco's bed so she could converse while look forward.

"How bad?"  

"Real bad.  Like people getting hurt, friends getting hurt.  Not just that either, I did something to you."  Marco confessed to her.  "Something bad.  Something that got you hurt.  I did it and it wasn't an accident and then you-"

"Marco."  Star said as she put a hand on his, bringing his eyes to face forward again.  "It's okay, alright?  Nothing bad is happening anymore."  

"But, you don't know what I did."  Marco explained and Star shook her head.  

"It doesn't matter.  All that matters is that right now we're okay.  Okay?"

"...okay."  Marco agreed, even if he didn't feel too comfortable with having to just forget all about it.  

"Good, now let's go back to bed, it's late."  

"Sure."  It was pretty late in the night to be talking about silly nightmares, especially when they had school the next day.  Conceding to her point Marco let himself lay back down and fall against the pillow.  He was getting ready to go to sleep again when he felt another body fall against the mattress next to him.  Looking to his side Marco saw two blue eyes staring back at him once more, a bright smile underneath.  "Star?"

"Yes?"  She asked cheerfully.

"What are you doing?"  

"Sleeping in your bed."  

"Why would you do that?"  Marco asked, really uncomfortable all of a sudden to have a girl laying this close to him.  

"Because you had a bad dream and you need someone to help keep them away."

"I really don't think this is a good idea."  Marco responded, but that didn't stop Star from pulling up the blankets and getting under them next to him.

"Don't worry, I can keep you safe from monsters and from nightmares!"  Star assured him, though it wasn't his safety that he was concerned with.  Letting out a sigh of defeat Marco rolled onto his side facing away from her.

"Fine, but don't get mad at me if it's cramped in here."  

"I'll be juuuust fine."  Star assured him and Marco tried to ignore anything she might have teasingly been suggesting with that statement.  Though having her near by was relaxing and soon Marco was able to begin to rest again despite having an unexpected sleep partner.  His mind felt like it was drifting off again, heading back into the world of dreams before he felt a shifting behind him.  Then a body press up against his own.

"Star?"  Marco asked but she didn't respond, possibly asleep already.  An arm came around his body and held onto him like a teddy bear with a strong grip.  The sensation made him a little uncomfortable, despite having been hugged by the princess on multiple occasions.  Though something about this felt a lot more intimate.  "Star, are you awake?"  Nothing.  Not a single response.  She must have been asleep and just cuddled against him on her own.  If he woke her up she'd probably think he had another nightmare or get upset by being asked not to get close to him.  So for the night he'd grit his teeth and bear it and just ignore any other urges this embrace was bringing to mind.  

It seemed like he'd be able to get through this, until he felt Star's other arm come around him.  From the same side as the first.  Then a third arm.  By the time he realized something was wrong she had finally spoken up.  "Marcoooo."  

"Star?"  Marco asked hesitantly and rolled back around to see two glowing, heart shaped eyes staring back.  Even in the dark he could see her skin had changed from her natural light tone into a magical purple.  Her hair pulled up into two antenna like buns.  Realizing something was very wrong Marco tried to exit the bed but was pulled back in by three strong grips on his body.  "Star!  What the heck happened!?"

"Marco."  Star spoke, her voice distant and haunting.  "Booooooy."  Her other pair of arms wrapped around him from underneath, Star pulling him into a hugging embrace and nuzzling the back of his head with her cheek.

Marco didn't have any idea what to do with this situation.  Previously when Star had changed like this she had eventually tired herself out and returned to normal from chasing so many boys.  However it happened this time though it looked like Marco was her only object of attention.  "Gotta figure out why this happened.  Gotta change her back before-" Marco was forcefully pulled down onto the mattress on his back, Star moving over top of him.  Two large moth like wings had sprung from her back and the fluttered behind her as she kept him held against the bed.  

"Marcoooo."  Star said hungrily, a huge smile on her purple face.

"Star, listen to me.  I know you're in there somewhere, so I need you to calm down and go back to your room before you make a big mistake."  The insect like girl's face changed from a smile to a confused look as if she was trying to comprehend what it was her friend was telling her.  Marco took that as a good sign.  "Star, listen; you need to go back to your-"  His words were cut off as the princess grabbed a hold of his wrists with her top set of hands and held them down against the bed.  Her smile returned as she used her middle set of arms to grab the button clasps on Marco's pajamas and pulled them apart to reveal his bare chest.

"Boy!"  Star said excitedly and Marco began to wrestle against her.

"Whoa, Star, no!  No that's very bad!"  Rather than listen, Star held his arms up over his head and used a sticky magical webbing from her palms to glue his hands to the headboard of the bed.  "Hey!  This is completely the opposite of what you should be doing right now."  Star giggled at him, almost as if she understood what was going on but didn't care.  Soon after the two bottom sets of her hands were working at pulling his pants away while Star straddled Marco's stomach.  "Now that's totally not okay in the least!"  

His yelling did little to stop her as she easily pulled his pajama bottoms and boxers away, tossing them onto the floor swiftly after.  Marco gulped and tried not to think about what was going on, though it was hard to hide what she'd just revealed after Star had made him excited just by laying in bed next to him.  Sensing his excitement Star grabbed a hold of her night gown with all six of her hands and tore it off entirely, tossing the scraps of cloth to the ground that were left.  She wasn't wearing underwear.  Had she ever worn underwear to bed?  It was something Marco hadn't ever thought of until just this moment.  The purple girl straddling him doing little to ease his excitement as she was just as good looking naked despite the extra additions her body had grown with the transformation.

"Wow..."  Marco said, amazed at the sight before him.  Star seemed to understand he was impressed and leaned down to meet him.  Her top two pair of hands held his head on either side of his face and kissed him gently.  It was his first kiss from a girl ever and even if it was from his sex-crazed monster-transformed best friend it didn't make it feel any less amazing.  Her middle set of arms rested on his chest, her back set of hands reaching behind her to find something long and excited.  Star broke the kiss and smiled down at him.

"Marco."  She said in that odd but alluring voice, her body getting to work on him as she sat up.  Her bottom set of hands kept them entertained as her left hand held his cock and guided it to rest against her wiggling ass.  The soft rubbing made Marco more excited as he watched her massage her breasts with her middle set of hands and pose with the top pair of hands clasped behind her head.  It was an erotic display that Marco would never have thought Star could do in a hundred years.  But now here in his own bed she was making him more and more aroused.

"S-Star... I can't.."  The pressure of her body rubbing against him was becoming more than he could deal with.  Understanding what he was saying Star stopped and released her hand's grip from around his cock.  Instead she used her arms now to balance herself as she raised her hips over him, guiding his cock with one hand and spreading her pussy open with the other.  She looked to him for acceptance and Marco couldn't resist any longer, nodding his head eagerly.  Happy to see him grateful for her gift the princess lowered herself onto Marco's body and let him enter her.  

It was warm and comforting and felt like such relief.  Star's body was eagerly taking Marco's cock with every thrust downward she made with her hips.  Leaning forward the princess kissed him again, her top pair of hands sliding up Marco's bound arms to grip onto his hands.  Their fingers laced together and Marco squeezed them back affectionately.  The gesture encouraged Star as her hips bounced on his lap, her right bottom hand reaching behind them both to massage Marco's balls in a soft hold.  The whole thing was all too much for Marco as he moaned into her kiss and thrust upward, cumming inside of her body.  She didn't pull away, pushing down into him and drawing every drop out of him.  

When he was finished their kiss parted and Marco laid his head against the pillow, gasping hard for air after the demanding physical exercise.  Star sat up from where she was positioned on Marco, his cock still inside of her.  Her middle and bottom set of hands rested on his stomach and she shyly held her face in her top set of hands, looking a little embarrassed at what they'd just done.  Despite the transformation Marco couldn't see her as anything but the beautiful girl he'd always known her as.  Then she finally spoke.  Clear as day and with full intent and purpose.  "I love you, Marco."

"I... I love you too, Star."  She smiled down at him with warmth and love in her expression.  It made him feel at peace.  Until the smile left.  

Star's body froze, her hands dropped down to her sides limply.  All of them.  She stared forward at Marco with an expression of confusion and fear.  Marco didn't understand at first why she looked how she did, but it soon became apparent as a shadowed figure rose up from behind her and stood tall at the foot of the bed.  It was the lizard man from his dream, and he was staring down at Star with an expression of disgust.

"It appears you have an pest infestation.  Would you call this a bed bug?"  The lizard man asked, Star still motionless before him.  "Don't worry, I can help exterminate the problem."  

"Don't."  Marco said, it was the only thing he could get himself to utter.  His hands were still bound to the bed by Star's earlier magical webbing, completely helpless.  There was a sick sound of flesh being torn and something wet being pierced.  "Don't."  Despite his pleas all he could do was watch as the lizard man grinned horribly with his sharp rows of teeth and pulled his hand away from where it had bee at Star's back.  A disgusting noise following along as Star's body shed the insect like form that was on her body in heart shaped petals.  When it was over she was just the same blonde girl he'd known and loved, but so much more pale.

"Marco."  Star said before the lizard man's hand rose up to grip the side of her head and violent tossed her body off of Marco and onto the floor in a bloody heap.

"STAR!  Star, no!  No!  Get up!"  She didn't respond, she didn't move at all.  "Star!  Star oh no not this please not this!"

"Quit your shouting, would you?  I trying to enjoy my meal."  Marco looked up to see the crocodile man holding a bloody mass of meat in his hands that Marco could only assume was Star's heart.  He opened his jaws and swallowed it whole, Marco feeling as if his own life dropped into his stomach along with his friend's.  Just like that, she was gone.  

"Star... no."  He didn't know what to do.  How to deal with any of this, still laying on his bed naked and helpless.  The lizard man however made his way around the bed to sit down next to Marco.  Right where Star had sat earlier.  

"Now now, there's no need to cry.  You'll see her very soon.  Besides, this was all for you, you know?"  

"For... for me?  Why would-"  The lizard man held up his blood stained hand to stop Marco from continuing.  

"Let's just sum up shall we?  I need to keep to my schedule after all.  Now as you've seen I took the time to show you what your little princess truly is.  Her at her worst in your eyes, her at her best in your eyes, but most importantly her as the monster she is.  The same kind of creature she claims to hate."  None of this made any sense to Marco but the crocodile man carried on.  "Of course for this portion I could have had anyone do it.  Any monster at all could easily rip out a girls heart when needed.  But since I took so much care in punishing her on my own when I had the chance..." The crocodile man said as he thumbed over at Star who was still laying in a pile on the carpet that was now staining with blood.  "I felt you deserved a few personal touches as well.  Fair is fair after all."  

"I don't know what you're talking about."  Marco said through tears that were flowing from his eyes now.  He wanted to go to Star so badly, he wanted to save her somehow.  Even if she'd been a six armed monster girl just moments ago he didn't care he just wanted her to be okay. "Let me go just let me go I have to go."  

"Indeed you do, but I don't think it's the route you're considering."  The crocodile man said as he raise his hand over the boy.

"No."  Marco protested weakly as the lizard man's clawed finger rested on Marco's bare chest, just above his heart.  

"I know this is all rather embarrassing but when I tell people how you died, if I bother to tell people how you died that is.  Then I'll be sure to let them know it was something more dignified than tied to a bed with your dead lover's blood still on your legs."  

"No, stop!"  He felt the nail pierce his skin, push into his flesh.  Reaching for his heart.  "STOP!"

A sudden gasp of air roused him from a deep sleep.  As if his body had forgotten to breath and only now remembered to do so.  The shock caused him to roll over onto his side from his back, filling his lungs with air through wheezing coughs.   With much effort he rolled to his stomach and lifted his body with his arms, his breath starting to come back to him normally.  His body ached from the haggard breathing and his heart felt like it was pounding.  Once he'd slowed down an opportunity was taken to look around him and soak in just where he was.

His bedroom.  Day light broke through his open window, filling the room with warmth and clarity.  Marco's alarm was set to go off in two minutes and the boy reached over to turn it off before collapsing back onto the bed.  

It had all been a dream.

He hadn't experienced a nightmare like that in a long time.  Dreams were almost never that vivid for Marco, assuming he could remember them at all in the morning.  Even now after this one the memories of it were starting to fade.  But he could still feel the emotions that had been tied to them; fear, horror, disgust, even lust.  Last night had been some kind of wild ride and somewhere in there he remembered he did something terrible to Star and they'd also done something wonderful together.  In both situations she had appeared much less than human.  It was a lot to process.  

Looking at what time it was Marco knew that despite the shuddering and breath taking dreams he had to get ready for school.  Star was probably already in and out of the shower by now so he was sure it was open for himself.  Getting out of bed slowly, Marco groggily stretched and made his way to his bedroom door.  Soon as it opened he was greeted with a friendly face and a cheerful voice.

"Gooood moooorning Marcoooo!"  The blonde princess sang out to him as he stepped into the hall.  "Ready for another bright and beautiful day?  I brought you a towel right out of the dryer that your mom gave me."  Star said as she loaded a folded towel into Marco's surprised arms.  "And I got you your soap and your rubber ducky.  Can't have a shower without a shower buddy."  Star said as she squeaked the toy duck at Marco's face.

"Heh, thanks Star.  Good morning too."  Even though he greeted her Star's smile dropped like a rock when she actually looked at him.

"Marco, are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine.  Why?"  

"Your face, you don't look okay."  Was it that obvious?  He couldn't tell himself.

"I'm okay I just... I had a nightmare is all."  Star watched him seriously now and when Marco tried to look away from her gaze she moved to follow it and force eye contact.

"What kind of nightmare?"  

"Nothing at all, it was just silly stuff.  It's not real or anything I just... dreamed of something awful."

"What kind of awful things were they?"  

"Star, is this really that important?"  Marco asked, getting annoyed that she wouldn't let him pass and kept bringing this up.  Though he stopped short when she reached up to wipe at his cheeks and show him the fresh tears on his face.  

"It's important to me if it made you feel this way.  Are you sure you don't want to talk about it?"  He didn't really, but after she saw him like this he knew she wasn't going to just let him off the hook without some kind of explanation today.

"I don't really remember it.  Just that things happened to people.  Like... some people died.  In front of me."  

"People you knew?"  Marco nodded, at her question.  "Your friends?"  Another nod to answer her.  With that Star watched him closely before asking a question that was gnawing at her. "Did I die?"  She asked and Marco nodded a third time.  "How?"  

"I don't remember but... it was my fault.  Somehow.  You asked me for help and I just... ignored you."  He knew that much.  He remembered her having turned into that monster Mewberty body.  That he'd done something to cause her to die... not just die but die screaming, begging for his help.  Then something else about the two of them together.  Something more passionate mixed in with those scary feelings that he didn't deserve after the last dream.  But he wasn't about to confess the naughty parts to her.  "It's just dumb stuff is all."  

"Come here."  Star took the towel and soap out of his hands and set them on the floor in the hallway.  She pulled him into a tight hug that wrapped her arms underneath his body, gripping him close.  "I'm okay."  

"Star, I know that."  She didn't let go though.

"I'm okay, okay?  And you'd never do anything to let me not be.  Cause you're my best friend."

"I... I know that."  Marco replied, embarrassed she was going this far out of her way to make him feel better.

"Well then hug me back you big goof!"  The princess exclaimed and Marco did as she requested, hugging her in return.  "See, feeling better?"

"Yeah, yeah.  Feeling a lot better."  Somehow this did seem to do the trick.  It was the most accurate thing of all that he'd dreamed of last night.  No matter what Star was always there to make things okay for him.  Star was giggling happily that her tactic had worked so thoroughly, pleased to make Marco smile.  Though she stopped when she felt something poking against her thigh.  

"...well, I can tell that you're sure feeling a LOT better now."  Star teased and Marco suddenly realized his erection was poking Star in the leg.  Marco broke the hug and quickly snatched up the towel off the floor, covering the front of his pajama bottoms with it.

"I didn't mean it like that!"  

"Oh really?  Another part of you says otherwise."  

"Oh my God, can I please just go to the bathroom now?"  Marco begged, wanting nothing more than to escape this.  Even if he had been enjoying the hugs just seconds ago.

"So is that a magic staff in your pocket or you just happy to see me?"  

"Star!  C'mon, it's just... y'know, morning wood.  There's nothing more to it than that.  Just let me pass, you hate wood anyway."

"I'll make exceptions for certain kinds of wood."  

"This is another nightmare I'm in, right?  I'm going to wake up any minute now."  Marco complained as he walked past a very amused Star.  

"Hey, are you sure it was just nightmares you were having, Marco?  What other kinds of dreams did I appear in with you?"

"I am not answering that!"  Marco shouted as he tried to escape to the shower.

"Wait, you forgot your soap!  Do you need me to scrub your back?"

"Why haven't I woken up from this nightmare yet!?"

After some time and a lot more dangerously flirty teasing, Star finally showed Marco some mercy and let him have the bathroom to himself.  When the boy was out of the shower and into his normal clothes he gathered his things for the day and loaded them into his backpack.  Before leaving his room however Marco stopped to close the window and ponder something.  "Weird... I don't normally leave my window open at night."  Did he do it last night at some point before bed?  He couldn't recall for the life of him.  Maybe that was why he'd had all of those strange dreams, something outside his room was influencing them.  It was fine though, he'd just be sure to close and lock it in the future.  

As he walked away though Marco failed to noticed the impressions in the carpet of his room nearby his bed.  The imprints matched the soles of a pair of dress shoes.  Impressions deep enough to suggest someone had been in those shoes, standing near his bed and watching him throughout his frightening nightmares.
Personal Touches
Marco wakes up in the ruined remains of his school after a sudden vicious monster attack.  Can he act in time before this new ruthless gang of beasts harms his friends?

This story was created as a birthday gift for :icondarkjazmin11:

This is a non-profit fanfiction created for entertainment purposes only.  Star Vs. The Forces of Evil is not owned by myself and I did not profit from this writing.  Please support the official release.

This story contains scenes of a graphic nature that depict violence and abuse.  This content may be disturbing to some readers.  Reader discretion is advised.

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In the town of Ponyville where the small buildings dotted the landscape under the watchful gaze of a towering castle there were a number of different shops you could visit for all your needs on the town's main road.  Certainly it wasn't as big as Canterlot, the other city within Equestria with a towering castle all to itself, bustling with the richest and most noble of ponies.  Nor did it share the size of the Crystal Kingdom's market place, a sprawling ancient city with its unique magical residents of crystal clear ponies.  However despite it's humble size the town carried all the requirements a pony may need and then some.  General stores for basic necessities, specialty shops for furniture and home decorations, as well as many restaurants lining the road.  Among these stores was a very unique building that stood all by itself in the crowd away from the line of shops and homes.  Decorated and flashy and circular, as opposed to the normal square shape one would see for most buildings in Ponyville.  This was the place a pony would go seeking both high fashion attire and custom made pieces; the Carousel Boutique.

The owner of the property, the young mare named Rarity, who also used the building as her home was many things.  An Element of Harmony, a pony who had fought for Equestria's safety, a business lady, an older sister, a dear friend and most importantly a dressmaker.  It was her art and livelihood, one that she took great pride in.  While her skill and attention to detail allowed her to make clothing of unique and sometimes eccentric taste, her generosity kept her pieces at prices that could be afforded by the general populace.  While over-charging for something wasn't in her nature to begin with she often hoped this would spur more ponies in her town to try out her designs over the average dress or accessory.  Glamor and class were at their best when shared with many of course.

Which lead Rarity to her current project.  Not long ago her friend Twilight Sparkle had commissioned a blacksmith from the largest metal worker in Equestria to design a set of royal armor for Twilight's future Royal Guard.  The event had turned into a small adventure in of itself through a few misunderstandings, but in the end everything was sorted and all her friends were in good spirits.  They had even made a new one, Ms. Mecana Ironhooves, the very blacksmith who had designed and created the armor for Twilight.  Like Rarity she was also a mare that took great pride in her work and threw herself into each crafted piece of work.  Unlike Rarity however Mecana was very different on the outside.  She was an Earth Pony with an all grey coat and a long, straight blonde mane that went down to her legs.  Also unlike Rarity, Mecana was tall and strong looking from working with metal all day, as the anvil and hammer cutie mark on her implied.  This didn't mean she wasn't a lady though and when Mecana had expressed the interest Rarity was overjoyed to make the blacksmith a dress as thanks for all the effort she'd put in for Twilight's armor.  Mecana had often found it difficult to find dresses that fit due to being a little larger than the average mare, something that even Rarity hadn't fully accounted for.  

"How does it feel, darling?  Are you comfortable?"  Rarity asked as she circled the blacksmith, looking over the dress. It was quite a simple design, a pure black outfit that was meant to compliment her grey coat and make her platinum blond hair stand out.  The grey Earth Pony took a few steps in place to feel how the fabric was against her body.

"It doesn't feel bad or anything, but it's very... tight."  Rarity had meant to give her a formal night attire with her dress but it was more attention grabbing than she had planned.  The fabric fit around her comfortably and seemed to hold itself in place on her body.  "Especially in the back."  The dress was curved over her backside at the moment with a hole for her tail to slip through.  Mecana wasn't used to wearing clothes like these, instead more familiar with the belt she kept at her work to hold all her tools.  Though it was nice to feel more lady like for a change.  

"I can see that, though if we're going to be honest darling it does look good on you."  Rarity said reassuringly as she admired her work.  "Well if you want I can add a little more to the girth, give it some room to breath and make it less form fitting."  

"I'm just not sure this is the kind of dress I could wear every day..."  Mecana admitted, though she also enjoyed the reassurance that she looked good in something like this.  

"A dress like this isn't for every day, it's for a few special nights where you feel like a million bits and want everyone to see it.  Wouldn't you agree?"  Rarity said with a hint of mischief to her voice, making Mecana both blush lightly and smile as she nodded.  "How about this, I have another outfit that I think would look lovely on you.  All it would need is a few adjustments and we could get you into it with no problems."

"Another dress?  But Rarity, you've already gone to the trouble of making this one.  I wouldn't want to impose on you."  

"Think nothing of it.  After all you went out of your way to help Twilight when she needed it.  Girls like us need to stick together, you never know when we'll have to call on the other for a favor."

"It's just... I feel as though I'm taking advantage of you."  

"Not at all, not at all.  Though I am going to need some time to make the necessary adjustments, and I can't expect to leave you alone down here in the boutique while I'm working."  As Rarity pondered what to do to keep her guest entertained while still completing her gift, an elegant and scaly solution to her dilemma walked in through her front door.

"Hey Rarity, I got a few of those curtains from the castle like you asked for."  A small purple dragon said as he came into the boutique, though it would be hard to tell that as he was currently hidden behind a pile of colored and gem encrusted window curtains in his arms.  "Let me know if these gems are edible if you don't want them, okay?  I'm kind of afraid to just try since they're magic."  Walking over to a nearby table Spike unloaded the cloth from his arms and took notice of the ponies in the room with him.  "Oh hey, it's the blacksmith from before.  Hi, your name was Mecana right?"  The grey Earth Pony took in a small breath when the dragon spoke to her, nodding her head with a smile.  

"Yes, I'm Mecana Ironhooves.  It's a pleasure to meet you again, Spike."  When Mecana had last visited Ponyville she'd met Spike before, though she was a little embarrassed by her previous behavior.  Dragons were so mysterious and interesting to her and Spike was the first one she'd ever seen.  So the questions and curiosity just gushed out of her when they were face to face.  She had to admit he was very cute too which lead to a combination of factors that kept her from being able to control herself on the spot.  Thankfully she was more prepared this time.  

"Same here, looks like Rarity got a dress made up for you.  It's really something!"  Spike complimented her which made Mecana have even more mixed feelings about the tight dress she was wearing.  

"Th-thank you, I like it too."  The conversation seemed to spark an idea in Rarity's head as she looked between her two visitors.  

"Wait, this is perfect!"  The seamstress said with joy.  "Spike, I have to work on another piece for Ms. Ironhooves while she's visiting.  Would it be alright if you kept her company while I finished what I needed to do?"  Mecana's eyes grew wide at the suggestion and Spike seemed to be considering it carefully.  

"I dunno, I've never had to act as a host before to a pony I wasn't familiar with.  What should I do?"  The dragon asked Rarity as he was unsure of this responsibility.  Though his feelings of doubt seemed to wash away when Rarity approached him and rubbed the top of his head with her hoof.

"Oh I'm sure you'll come up with something.  Perhaps you could give her a tour of the castle?  She barely got to see it last time she was here?  Will you help out, Spiky-Wiky?"  The affectionate touch and pet name were like a control mechanism on the dragon, getting him to nod to her request obediently.  "Excellent.  I hope you don't mind, Mecana?  It won't be for too long."  

"No, I don't mind."  Mecana said, observing carefully the way Rarity was able to coax Spike into following her request.  

"Splendid.  This will give you a chance to try out your current dress while moving around too.  I'll leave you to it then."  Rarity said finally as she left the two behind in the boutique and headed up the stairs, Spike following her with his eyes the whole way.  Once she was gone it left a moment of awkward silence as Spike realized he was now alone with Mecana who was watching him expectantly.  Unsure how to move next Spike lead in with a question.

"Um... ever seen a throne room to a castle before?"

A short walk and some time later Mecana and Spike found themselves at Twilight's castle after leaving Rarity back at her boutique to begin her work.  Spike had explained along the way that Twilight herself was out taking care of something magical related or another.  The princess usually kept herself busy now that she had new responsibilities to tackle.  That would leave the castle for just the two of them while she was visiting.  Along the way Mecana had noticed her dress had attracted some attention and she was unsure if it was due to her size or simply due to how the dress fit on her.  That was the thing with ponies and clothing; usually they didn't wear a scrap of fabric but once you did it seemed to draw all sorts of attention to certain places.

"Welcome to the throne room of Twilight's castle."  Spike announced, leading the Earth Pony into the circular room.  Mecana immediately noticed that there were multiple chairs around a table, very unlike anything she'd seen resembling a throne room in the past.

"There's so many."  She commented, looking over their details.  

"Yeah, it's kind of the throne room for the Elements of Harmony more than just Twilight.  Plus we don't really hold court or anything like that, so it serves as a meeting room more than anything."  Spike announced, feeling proud of himself that he had information to share that his guest was interested in.  

"Oh, there's even one for you!"  Mecana said with great interest, looking at the small chair that was next to Twilight's own throne.  It was perfectly sized to fit Spike's body as opposed to the large chairs meant to hold an entire pony.  "So you're one of the Elements of Harmony too?"  

"Not exactly.  It's nothing as important as that."  Spike explained as he came to join her by his chair.  "Maybe it was just built this way because Twilight wanted it?  Or maybe whatever magic put this place together knew I'd be here too.  I can't really say why I got one but I do appreciate it."  

"I can tell your friends think you're important to them."  Mecana offered with a soft smile.  "It's no wonder you'd get to join them here as well."  Spike looked away, enjoying the praise but feeling really embarrassed by it.  

"Aw shucks, that's really nice of you."  Spike replied.  Mecana kept looking at the difference in size between the two chairs and a thought occurred to her.

"Spike, I remember one of your friends mentioning before that you're a Baby Dragon.  But you seem like you're not all that different from any other pony I've talked to before.  I mean... you're a dragon, so that's different but... I'm not sure I'm explaining this well."  Mecana said in a fluster, tripping over her words.  Though Spike caught on to what she meant.  

"Nah, it's okay.  I guess I am a Baby Dragon because of my size.  Dragon's can grow to be big enough that they can knock down castles like this."  Spike explained, Mecana's eyes sparkling at the thought of such a wondrous creature.  "But it's really just because of my size that I'm called that.  I'm not much different from any other pony every other way."  

"So it's just your size..."  Mecana said thoughtfully, her tail swishing a little behind her.  "So does that mean you can do everything else a full grown pony can do?"  

"Yep.  I even have claws and breath fire, so there's things I can do that even a pony can't."  

"Wow."  Mecana said, amazed by everything this small little dragon was capable of.  "Does that mean you have a marefriend too?"  That question caught Spike off guard, the dragon's confident posture recoiling when she mentioned that word to him.  Spike's clawed finger tapped together nervously as he considered how to answer.  

"A marefriend?  I'm... uh, I don't really have... a special somepony in my life."  

"Oh."  Mecana replied, her own voice nervous now as she may have stepped into a topic he wasn't comfortable with.  "I understand.  I mean you're a dragon.  Something like ponies probably wouldn't appeal to you the same way another dragon would."  

"It's not that."  Spike explained.  "I just... there's a pony I like, but I just don't know what to do about it."  Mecana listened to this curiously, very interested now in what exactly was Spike's type of mare.  "I'm sure she knows that I like her, and she's even been really nice to me before too.  But I just don't think she understands how I feel."  

"I see."  Mecana answered, her hoof tracing small circles on the beautiful floor of the throne room as she looked at Spike.  "It must be difficult feeling that there's something you want, something special, right in front of you while there isn't anything you can do to grasp it."  

"Yeah... but whatever.  It's not like I know the first thing about what to do with a marefriend anyway."  Those words sparked an idea in Mecana's head.  Like the flames of a furnace being lit and growing in intensity.  "I'm sorry to bother you with all of this, I'm the one that's supposed to be showing you a good time.  Not burdening you with my problems."  

"No, it's alright Spike.  I'm glad to help friends when they need it."  Mecana offered, smiling as she approached the dragon.  "In fact I think I might know a way to help you with who you've been admiring, if you'd like it."  

"Wait, really?  Yes, I'd be happy to take your advice!  There's nothing to lose, right?"

"Not at all."  Mecana said though a tense smile that was hiding an eagerness she didn't want to reveal too openly.  "It seems to me that your problem in dealing with other mares is that you don't have a lot of experience with them."  

"Well... I guess.  I mean I have Twilight and all of my friends that I talk to every day.  So I've spent a lot of time around a lot of mares before.  Just only one that I wanted to be close to, like a special somepony."

"Right.  Well if you had somepony to practice with then maybe it would make things easier for you the next time you see them?"  Spike pondered this for a moment, thinking through the logic of what Mecana was proposing to him.  One detail seemed to still be slipping his grasp.

"That makes sense, but how do I practice that?  And with who?  I can't possibly ask any of my friends here in Ponyville."  

"I understand that.  Which is why since you'd need a mare, and one that's from outside of Ponyville, then perhaps... maybe... I could do it for you?"  Mecana offered as she swallowed a lump in her throat, having forced herself to ask the question.  She didn't want to do anything that would scare or upset Spike but seeing that this was something he wanted she couldn't keep herself from the chance to offer a way to help him.  Not that she wouldn't enjoy it a lot herself.  

"You?"  Spike asked with surprise.  His question making Mecana want to retreat.

"I mean... I know it's a silly thing to say.  I'm not really that pretty of a mare and you don't even know me all that well."  

"No no, that's not it at all.  I think you're pretty."  

"Really?"  Mecana asked, feeling a small bit of hope rise from those flames in her heart.  

"Well yeah, you're really pretty.  Not to mention that dress Rarity made for you really makes you stand out."  Mecana began to pull one of the sides of her mane against her face with her hoof, hiding behind it a little from the compliments.  

"You're too kind, Spike."  She responded and couldn't hide her smile.

"But even with you here what exactly can we do that will make me better able to get a marefriend?"  Spike asked still very confused about the logic behind this.  Mecana however was happy to lead him by the claw through every step of the way.  Her own confidence renewed by the dragon's compliment of her.

"Well it's very simple, there are certain things a couple does together.  If you have experience in doing those things already, you won't be nervous when they come up."

"Hmm... it makes sense.  But what is it we should do?"  Spike asked and Mecana took in a deep breath.  

"The most basic activity for couples; kissing."  

"Wha-what!?"  Spike asked, completely amazed she'd say it so openly to him.  "You mean like... you want me to... to kiss you?  On the mouth?"  He really was adorable, which made Mecana all the more interested in helping with this exercise.  

"Yes, kissing.  Like couples do when they're together."  Her body moved back a little and she couldn't keep eye contact with him any longer, her own uncertainty getting the best of her.  "If you don't want to I understand, but I thought if the opportunity to help was here then I could for you."  

"I... I'm not upset by it.  But are you sure?  You'd want to kiss a dragon?  Not a lot of ponies would."  Spike explained, just as nervous as her about the venture.  But Mecana was able to answer that honestly.

"I'd feel honored to kiss a dragon as handsome as you."  Mecana confessed and that gave Spike more confidence as well in himself and her idea, even if the whole thing seemed unusual to him.  

"Okay... so, how do we start?"  

"I'll make it easier."  Mecana said and slowly lowered herself onto the floor so she and Spike could be at eye level.  The act itself seemed to bother Spike.  

"Sorry I'm so short.  I'm always shorter than everyone else."  

"It's okay, I'm always taller than everyone else.  So I don't mind it."  Mecana answered softly.  

"Okay then.  So uh... how do we start?"

"Like this."  Mecana replied and leaned forward to give Spike a kiss on the cheek.  The dragon jumped a little at the innocent peck on his scales but didn't retreat, instead just enjoying the affectionate act.  "Now you try."  Mecana tilted her head away slightly for Spike who stepped forward and returned the favor, leaving a small kiss on Mecana's cheek.  

"Well, I guess that wasn't such a big deal."  Spike said confidently.  

"We're just getting started."  Mecana explained and placed a kiss onto Spike's mouth, a quick and small one that made contact and left in one motion.  It was so fast it left the dragon unguarded and Mecana giggled a little at his reaction.  "That was your first time?"  

"Ye-yeah, I've never done anything like this before."  Spike explained, feeling embarrassed at having to admit it.  But the mare across from him wasn't bothered in the slightest.

"That's fine, it's why we're doing this after all, right?  Now it's your turn."  Mecana closed her eyes and awaited Spike's approach.  The dragon nervously took a breath before moving forward and kissing her directly on the mouth.  It was awkward and clumsy but Mecana didn't find it unpleasant.  After Spike broke contact with her the pony made a disappointed noise and leaned her head towards him further.  Sensing her desire the dragon moved in again to kiss her.  And again.  And yet again when she whined after the kiss would break.  So after Spike's mouth was pressed against hers in a long kiss Mecana finally responded with a happy moan before they separated again.  "Mmm... that was good, Spike."  

"O-oh... thank you.  I uh... I enjoyed kissing you too."  The dragon admitted, feeling his heart beat ever faster with the excitement of this new territory they were exploring.  "Did you uh, want to do more."  

"Absolutely."  Mecana agreed, sounding more excited than she originally intended.  Though it didn't dissuade Spike as he moved towards her for another kiss, one of his hands coming up to touch the side of her face gently.  It was a unique, kind touch that she would never have felt with another pony.  Mecana's mouth opened as she let out a breath of anticipation, and Spike did the same as he mimicked her during his kissing lesson.  Seeing her opportunity the pony took advantage of it.  

With their mouths open Mecana's tongue slipped into Spikes mouth and began to rub against his own.  It felt a little odd compared to the limited experience she'd had kissing other ponies before, but the unique taste and texture made her all the more excited.  She was passionately kissing a dragon and the mare absolutely loved fulfilling this fantasy she'd had for so long now.  What's more he was quite the handsome little devil and such a gentleman too.  This was the kind of special somepony, or rather special somedragon, she could grow used to being around.  Their passionate kiss continued until Mecana felt something poking against her neck and opened her eyes to look down at what it might be.  "Spike?  Are you touching my neck or...?"  

"Oh no!"  Spike suddenly shouted, looking down at his cause for alarm.  Mecana didn't have to ask if Spike had been enjoying himself as his body was letting her know.  The item poking at her body was Spike's erect cock from the stimulation she'd been providing to the dragon.  He attempted to hide it with his hands but the effort was really quite pointless, Mecana had gotten an eyeful already and there wasn't much Spike could do to keep it from being seen.

This wasn't the first time she'd run into something like this.  There were colts out there who had poor self control and in a society where wearing clothing was optional more than a few males had shown her just how much they enjoyed her company without words.  However Spike's situation was a little more unique than she'd expected.  "Wow..."  Was all the pony could say as Spike was just as large as any adult colt she'd seen in her life, which was quite a feat on such a small dragon.  He hadn't been lying when he told her that he was like a full grown pony in most ways.  

"I'm sorry!  Really, I just never kissed anyone before and... darn it, this is humiliating."  Spike said feeling ashamed, causing Mecana to act swiftly to help him.

"Spike, listen to me; this isn't anything to be ashamed of."  Spike's eyes were wide and full of disbelief at that statement.  "I know it seems a little... extreme and large, but this is natural for all ponies and apparently dragons too."  

"Yeah but... I can't just hide it like ponies can."  Walking on all fours did allow a level of camouflage that could be adopted when situations like these were unwelcome.  "Great, now we can't even leave the castle until this goes down."   This problem also revealed another solution to Mecana, one that she was happy to apply in this time of crisis.

"Well, if that's the case, I know of a way to make it leave faster so we don't have to wait so long."  Mecana explained, her breath coming a little faster with anticipation and excitement.

"Really?  I'll be happy to try anything right now."  

"Good, that's good Spike.  Just take a seat in your chair and I'll do all the rest."  Spike did as he was instructed, awkwardly walking to his small throne and sitting on it.  This position seemed to just make his erection more prominent and while it was what he was trying to avoid Mecana was simply pleased to see it.  Rising from her previous position on the floor she came to stand directly before him.  "Now just sit back and relax, I'll take care of everything."  

"Okay, but I'm not sure what you can dooOOOOOO!"  Spike shouted as Mecana's head came down over Spike's erection and began to suck at him.  Her lips moving up and down as her head bobbed against his lap while he sat.  From his position and with careful movement Mecana found she was able to take all of him into her mouth and throat.  Spike behaved just as requested, staying in his chair while she worked.  The texture was different than she expected but it didn't bother her as the thrill of having him in her mouth was too much.  She wanted him and she wanted even more than that, her body now beginning to ache for attention too.  It may have been sudden but she had to ask.  Pulling her mouth back up Mecana gave the end of Spike's cock a lick.  

"Mmm... Spike?"  She asked through deep breaths after having her mouth full.  

"Ye-yes?"  The dragon answered, panting even harder as she'd brought him pleasures greater than anything he'd experienced before.  

"There's something else we can try that couples do."  The pony said as she gazed lustfully at him.  "For practice... of course."

"S-sure, of course... what do you want to do?"  Spike agreed, eager to see what she had in store for him next.  

"Please get up on the other chair."  The mare asked and stepped back, allowing the dragon to climb up on Princess Twilight's throne.  It was just now occurring to her how dangerous it was to be having sex in the throne room of a princess with her assistant, but they were both too far along to consider consequences now.  Once Spike was up Mecana prepared herself and then spun around, backing herself up to Spike.  "Please lift up my dress."  

"Okay."  Spike said sounding eager now as well, something that pleased the pony.  She felt his clawed fingers pull up the tight fabric to where the hole for her tail was, revealing her awaiting pussy.  Rarity had been right, a dress like this made her feel incredible in this moment.  Once she was revealed she could feel Spike's cock pressing against her.  Closing her eyes she grunted as the dragon pushed himself inside, little resistance keeping him back as her body had been wanting for this since they began to kiss.  

"Oh... oh my."  Mecana muttered and felt her legs shake as Spike entered her fully.  "That's great... that's great, you're doing so great."  She tried to coach him further but found it harder to concentrate now.  "G-go ahead.  You can go ahead."  She was mumbling out loud now but it was enough to let Spike understand she wanted him to continue.  Soon after he began to thrust inside her and Mecana began to pant.  

Each thrust inside felt as though he was filling her completely, dragging along her inner walls and make her body shiver.  As he carried on she could hear him moaning and Mecana began to press back against him to meet each thrust.  Her own moans were impossible to keep back as well now, the mare and the dragon filling the throne room with the sounds of passionate sex.  She could feel the moisture from her own excitement dripping down her legs and knew despite it all she wanted more.  She wanted the dragon to take her completely.  

"Sp-spi... Spike!"  Mecana called out through heavy breaths.  "Grab my tail.  Grab my tail and hold it!"  On one of his inward thrusts that made her back legs shake Spike reached up and grabbed a hold of Mecana's tail.  With the strong grip of dragon's claws holding her tight she leaned her head down and pushed her rear up farther, forcing Spike to angle downward into her body.  At this point Spike was using her for support more than the throne, each thrust dipping deeper than the previous.  Her tongue hung out of her mouth as she felt herself climax and her excitement further coat the inside of her legs.  

Spike didn't stop at all after she'd cum, which Mecana was grateful for as she rode out her orgasm through his passionate thrusting.  It wasn't long before Spike reached climax himself and released hot liquid deep inside of her.  Mecana's front hooves drug against the smooth floor of the throne room as she felt him pump inside, releasing all of his cum within until it felt like it was over flowing out of her pussy.  Breathing hard the two lovers stayed in that position for a while until Spike released the grip on her tail and slid back onto Twilight's throne.  His cock sliding out of Mecana quickly and making her gasp at the sudden departure.  Without him to keep her in position the Earth Pony slid her bottom half down to the ground and then laid on her side in exhaustion.  

She'd just had sex with a dragon, a fantasy she'd kept to herself since becoming an adult.  And it had been amazing.  

Between deep breaths needed to fill tired lungs Mecana's head rose to look behind herself.  "Spike..."  

"Yeah?"  The little dragon replied, laid out on Twilight's throne and allowing his now spent manhood to grow docile and hidden again.

"Please come down here with me."  Mecana asked in a sweet, vulnerable tone that caught Spike's attention and got the dragon to rise up again after the exhausting session.  As he moved closer to where Mecana was she pulled him towards her with her hooves and held him tight with her front legs.  "Now you need to practice the last lesson."  

"The... last lesson?"  Spike asked confused.

"Of how to treat a mare.  Once you've enjoyed yourselves together it's very important to cuddle."  Mecana said with a bright smile.  

"Oh... okay."  Spike agreed, nestling up next to her and making the pony coo with how warm and comfortably he fit into her hug.  "But what about Rarity and the dress?"  

"I'm sure she'll be happy to have the extra time.  Besides, you should never rush cuddling after sex like that."  

"I see."  Spike said not sure he fully understood, but was rewarded with a kiss on top of his head when he agreed with her.  "Hey Ms. Ironhooves?"

"Call me Mecana."  The pony insisted.

"Mecana... do you want to practice like this again sometime?"  

"I would be delighted."  The pony said as she cuddled him, happy to have made such a wonderful friend today.
Good Dragon
The blacksmith Mecana Ironhooves comes to visit Ponyville on Rarity's request to be fitted for a new dress. While it is being made Spike takes over hosting duties for their friend away from home inside a large, empty castle. When Spike reveals he has trouble talking to female ponies, Mecana offers to help him feel more confident.

Birthday gift written for :iconzetar02:
and featuring her original character Mecana Ironhooves.

This is a non-profit fanfiction created for entertainment purposes only.  My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro and its affiliates.  Mecana Ironhooves character created by ZetaR02.  Please support the official release.

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On the floor of a dark room a figure began to awaken.  Slowly picking themselves up off the ground they found their clothing had been stripped away from their bodies, leaving them in just their underwear.  Groaning the person shook their head to try and wake up faster, looking around a place they though they might recognize but was still unfamiliar to them and certainly not where they had gone to sleep.  Sitting straight up and finally aware enough to comprehend that this was a bad situation they spoke out into the dark.  

"Hello, is anyone there?"  Their voice called out.  It wasn't long before they got a reply.  

"You're finally awake.  Now we can begin."  

"Who... who's there?"  

"Come now, you know who it is don't you?"  A match lit in the dark to reveal a figure standing before them.  They lit a candle and allowed the light to shine brighter until they were visible.

"You!  You're..."

"Good evening.  Did you sleep well, Marco?"  She asked with a mischievous grin.

"Janna!?"  Marco cried out in surprise.  Indeed it was Janna, who for all Marco had known was currently staying the night in Star's room.  Yet somehow she was here before him, in some place he was unfamiliar with.  "What's going on here?  Where am I?"

"We're at the school gym."  Janna answered.  "It's not the most romantic place I know, but I needed us to get together somewhere that could accommodate everyone."  

"Ev-everyone?"  Marco asked hesitantly.  To dramatic reply three more matches lit up around Marco, causing him to get onto his feet in surprise.  They all lit candles together (though one had trouble as she let out a small yelp due to burning her fingers).  Before long Marco could make out their faces through the dark by the combined light.  "What the... Sabrina?  Hope?  Brittney!?"  

The Asian girl narrowed her eyes at Marco.  "Why did you sound so surprised to see me?  I can't believe we're all bothering with this dork."  Despite her normal behavior with the insult Marco was still left in shock.  All the girls were surrounding him as if they were part of some kind of cult or coven with the combined candles.  What's more as far as Marco could tell they were all in their underwear, just like him.  Marco began to back up away from them but found he was caught by someone else.  

The figure behind him had a candle as well and gave him a small push forward.  "Careful Marco, almost ran into me."  Jackie said with a smile on her face.  

"J-J-Jackie!?  What the heck is going on around here!?"  

Janna was still grinning wide before him at his surprise.  "You should see the look on your face right now, Diaz.  It's priceless."  She giggled but was the only one laughing, most of the other girls seemed to be impatiently waiting for something to happen.  "You're the guest of honor at our get together.  Check it out, we made a lot of preparations."  The girls all together placed their candles down on the floor of the gym, showing what looked like a red pentagram with a number of weird symbols inside the circle.  Standing in the center of the painted design was Marco himself, each of the girls having placed their candles down at a point of the star inside the pentagram.  

"Whoa... are you guys like... witches?"  

"I wish!"  Janna exclaimed.  "That would be awesome to have that kind of power!  But... maybe later.  Right now we just need you for a special ceremony involving that right arm of yours."  His monster arm.  The thing Star had been worried about.  Was it true?   Did he really attack all of these girls with it?  And if so how did all of this tie into everything?  "You're curious too, right?"  

Marco made a decision right then and there.  "Nope."  

"Wait, what?"  Janna asked, a look of disbelief sweeping across the faces of all the girls there.  

"Look this is really hot and everything.  Middle of the night, girls in their bras and panties, candles.  But I've seen a lot of weird things and I can recognize a bad situation when I'm in one.  Plus, none of you guys can actually stop me from walking out of here.  So just tell me where my pants are and I'll be on my way."  Staying for this would have been something fun to see but getting to Star and having her un-magic whatever craziness was about to happen was the smart move (even if Jackie looked just incredible in blue underwear).

Janna's face was a sea of disappointment.  "Wow Diaz, even in a situation like this you're willing to be super lame."

Brittney looked downright angry at Marco.  "I told you Dorko was worthless."  

Hope grumbled.  "I put a lot of work into painting that..."

Sabrina held her hand up to Marco.  "Wait, don't just go!  It'll be fun if you stay, promise."  

Marco felt Jackie's hand touch his back lightly, causing a shiver to pass through him.  "C'mon Marco, don't you wanna see what happens next?"  

So maybe this was in fact not a crazy evil magic gathering and possibly just a really awesome orgy?  Still... knowing his own luck...  "I'll be leaving now."  Marco said as he prepared to push past the girls.  Janna had other things in mind though.  

"Girls, show Marco why he should stay."  Janna ordered and Marco got ready to defend himself, expecting someone else to attack him from the shadows.  However he was surprised when instead they all began to take their bras off, casting them aside onto the gym floor.  Marco gulped hard but was completely unable to pull his gaze away from the collection of exposed breasts before him.  "There.  Now do you want to stay and listen to why we brought you here?"  

"I... uh... that is..."  Marco tried to protest but stopped when he felt Jackie walk up behind him and hold him in a hug, pressing her breasts against his back.  He could have easily broken out of her grip, but since he was here anyway, "Okay, sure, might as well hear what you have to say."  Don't be too upset with him, he'd dreamy of this for years.

Janna's grin returned to her when she saw him comply.  "Thought you might."  Reaching behind herself Janna removed her own bra and cast it aside onto the floor, a sight Marco never expected to see but wasn't at all disappointed with it.  Janna took in a deep breath and let out a little groan as her right arm began to change.  It started to grow and expand outward, shifting from its normal olive color to a deep green and coming to a point at the end.  When it was finished a long tentacle hung from Janna's shoulder where her arm used to be and her eyes had changed to an inhuman green color as well.  "Surprise."  

"You're the Monster Arm!"  Marco declared and tried to move from Jackie's grip, but the other girls surrounded him to keep him in place.  Had he fought with his actual strength Marco may have been able to throw them off but he didn't want to hurt any of his friends.  Not to mention having a group of naked girls pile onto him was really throwing off his focus.  "I don't get it... how did something like this happen!?  Star had to cast a spell from her book to cause me to get one."  

Janna's tentacle arm had risen to see her, a mouth appearing on it that smiled at them with jagged teeth.  She pet her arm affectionately before continuing.  "Well it's Star that's to blame.  When she went all bug monster on the school that gave me a chance to read her book while you two were busy.  I didn't get to see too much but that little guy inside showed me the page with the Monster Arm spell."  

"Glossaryck, that worthless pudding eating..." Marco grumbled among the restraint by the other girls.

"Yep, that guy.  He showed me how to bring the Monster Arm back without Star's wand.  Of course I needed a few other magic things to do it.  Stuff that I'd never get on Earth, but if we ever went on a magical field trip..."  Marco's eyes widened in terror as he realized what the reckless behavior of Star and himself had brought.  "From there I was able to borrow a few spell ingredients.  Some vials of this and that, weird things like demon's spit and dragon's eyes.  Mix it up just right and you get a potion that can grow one of these."  Janna said as the Monster Arm waved at him silently.  

Marco was still confused however.  "Wait... so you wanted to find out how to give yourself one?"  

"Heck yeah, look at her!  Isn't she just the most awesome?"  

"It's a her!?"  Marco asked in amazement, causing the arm's "face" to show a hurt expression.  Janna scowled at Marco and hugged her tentacle arm against herself.

"Be nice, Marco!  She's very sensitive about showing herself."  

"Hold on a minute here, if all you wanted was a monster arm for yourself, why did you kidnap me?  And why is everyone else here?"  The other girls around him were still holding tightly to Marco's arms and torso, clearly invested in making sure he didn't escape.  This wasn't just some weird favor for Janna they were doing, it was like they all desperately wanted to keep Marco with them.  

"Well yeah, you see I didn't realize that having a monster arm gives you certain... cravings."  Janna admitted with an embarrassed look that would have been cute outside of the horrifying circumstances they were in.  "Turns out my kind of arm has a need to mate like you wouldn't believe.  But you can't drop some monster eggs just anywhere, so I had to find surrogates to carry them for me."  It took him a little while to understand what she meant, but after putting the pieces together Marco suddenly grasped why all of the girls were in the gym with them.  

"You... put monster eggs INSIDE THEM!?"

"Hey, don't sound so freaked out.  It's a little rough but once you get started it feels really good.  Right girls?"  

Jackie sounded off from behind Marco.  "Totally, you wouldn't believe how great it is."

Sabrina kept a tight grip on Marco's left arm, more holding onto it to keep from slipping to the gym floor from her soft socks.  "It's kind of rough but... you start to like it."  

Hope held Marco's right arm, almost caressing it against her chest.  "Seriously, tentacles are just as good as they look in hentai's."

Brittney had been keeping a hold of Marco's neck with her arms, pressed more against him than any of the other girls to his discomfort.  "You better not disappoint me after what I had the first time, Dorko."

Marco tried to soak all of this crazy information in, reeling from what was being revealed.  "You... made them your slaves?"  

Janna shrugged but didn't look upset at all by the term.  "Sort of.  Putting one of my buns in your oven makes you absolutely devoted to seeing that the egg gets fertilized.  Which is where you come in, Diaz."  She walked over to a bag that was on the gym floor, pulling out a few bottles that Marco couldn't recognize.  "I had to keep myself healthy though, making so many eggs takes a lot out of a girl.  So anyone I didn't pick to be one of my baby-mama's instead provided me a little sustenance to stay alive.  Just a bit of blood, no big deal.  But now that we're all together I just have to mix up the potion and you can be the daddy of our little family."  

"Not on your life!"  Marco said and tried to struggle, but the girls weighed him down fiercely.  "Janna, that arm is controlling your mind!  Once it attaches to you it'll try to manipulate you into what it wants.  You have to fight it!"

"Fight it?"  Janna asked, checking her ingredients.  "Why would I do that?  I want this Marco, and soon you will too.  Besides is having a tentacle for an arm really so bad when you get to have an orgy with all of us?"

"I... wha... hold on, what?"  Marco asked, a little thrown off by what was just offered.  

"I hope you've been exercising Diaz because everyone's going to want a turn and I don't want you to disappoint us."  Jackie said in a flirty tone and Marco looked around himself at the girls surrounding him.  There was a huge conflict happening inside right now that he was debating heavily.  

"Well... I mean... Star will probably show up soon anyway so there's no reason to fight it."  Marco said relaxing his body and the girls around him began to smile happily.  Jackie gave him a small kiss on the back of his neck and Marco felt his body shudder.  

"Hope you're ready for the night of your life, Marco."  Jackie said eagerly and Marco tried to keep from passing out he was starting to breath so heavily.

"Yeah... yeah I'll just wait for Star and what happens happens. Right?"  Everyone seemed to agree, why not go along with it?  After all this is one of the few times a monster encounter was going to end favorably for him.  

Then the gym door swung open with a magical blast.  "Marco, I'm here to stop you!"  A voice rang out as Star Butterfly leaped through the air and landed in the gym.  

"Awww!  C'mon!"  Marco shouted in frustration.  "This couldn't have happened like an hour later!?"

Star didn't pay Marco's protest any mind however.  Swinging her arm she blasted the light switch on the wall with her magic to turn the overhead lights of the gym on.  With all of the gym lit brightly everything before her was much easier to see.  "Now to put a stop to WHOA everyone's naked why is everyone naked!?"  The princess asked in confusion seeing the girls surrounding her friend.  "What's going on over there?  Janna?  Wait Janna you have a monster arm?"  

Janna grumbled and stopped working with the different colored vials she was pouring into what Marco could now see was a smoothie cup.  The mix of various evil ingredients, chemicals and food items was oddly fitting for her when it came to dangerous magic.  "Dang it Star, we were right in the middle of something."

Star was still shocked however and as realization hit her the expression went from surprise to anger.  "Wait a minute, you were lying to me!  I invited you over to my house to catch Marco and this whole time you were the one with the monster arm?"

"C'mon Star, don't be mad.  It wasn't like I could tell you about this."  Janna said as she motioned with her human arm to the slithering tentacle that was attached to her.  "Besides I really did have fun hanging out with you.  I even saved a special present for you; my last monster egg.  That way you can be part of the family too."

"Ew!  Ew ew ew ew!  No, no way.  Not happening.  I'm zapping that arm, fixing whatever is wrong with all of them, and then I'm taking Marco home."  

Marco called over to Star, now sitting on the gym floor with the girls still hanging onto him.  "You don't have to hurry with me, we're doing fine over here.  Just take your time and be careful."  Marco assured Star, soaking up how all the girls looked now that the room was well lit.  Star gave Marco a death glare for his horn-dog behavior and the boy quieted down.

"They're brain washed, Marco!  I might have gone a little boy crazy in the past..."

"You turned into a literal boy hunting monster."  Janna interjected.  "Destroyed half the school with webbing and junk trying to get laid."  

"I wasn't finished."  Star replied.  "I might have turned into a boy hunting monster that tried to keep every guy for myself, but at least they were all screaming to escape of their own free will.  Is this really how you want things to be with Jackie?"

Jackie was ready to answer Star's question for Marco, squeezing him tightly against herself.  "I don't mind, I've been waiting for this for a while."  

Hope offered her input as well.  "It's a lot more fun than it sounds Star, you should try it too."  

Sabrina didn't want to be left out.  "I'm pretty okay with all of this if you ask me."

Brittney hugged Marco's neck against herself, glaring at Star.  "You're just jealous, get lost Butterface."

Star grumbled over how annoying this situation had gone and let out a big sigh.  "Whatever, I guess I gotta be the responsible one here.  Returnio Armus Normalrino!"  The wand lit up with magical light as a beam fired out towards Janna, who expertly dodged it with the assistance of her monster arm.  The blast hit a fire extinguisher on the other side of the room, transforming it into a big red metal arm.  The effects of the spell were clear to Janna who took action right away.

"Brittney, Hope, Sabrina!  Stop Star from hitting me with her wand.  Jackie, don't let Marco get away."  Upon Janna's command the three girls released their grip on Marco and got to their feet, all heading across the gym towards Star.  Marco tried to get up as well however Jackie took this moment to change her spot, sitting down on Marco's lap to keep him in place during everyone's departure.  The boy attempted to get up again but was quickly subdued by a little more pressure against his lap.  

Star wasn't hindered by the incoming attacking, walking slowly towards Janna as the girls got ready to assault her.  Brittney had taken the lead, her face a devilish smile as she closed the gap between her and Star.  "I'm gonna knock those stupid teeth out of your dumb smiling head, Princess Puke."  She was nearly upon the Mewni princess until Star simply raised her wand in Brittney's direction.

"Candy Cane Capture Cage."  Star spoke and Brittney was consumed in a blast of magical light.  When the flash passed she found herself stuck in a tall, thin cage with a red and white candy stripe coating.  Brittney growled and grabbed the bars, trying to shake them loose.  

"Don't think this is gonna stop me!  You hear me you alien freak!?  I'm gonna break out of here and-" As she passed by Star pushed the cage over to knock it backwards.  Brittney landing helplessly on her back in the tight confinement.  "Hey!  You big jerk!"  

Hope was up next, her face a mix of uncertainty and determination as she was following through with Janna's orders.  The attack did little to impress Star however as she pointed her wand at the girl to utter another spell.  "Lengthy Licorice Lasso."  A stream of stretchy, candy like rope flew from Star's wand and began to wrap around Hope's body.  Tying her ankles together and creeping quickly up her legs to her arms.  

"Hey wait no stop!"  The girl fell over and struggled against her bonds but found them to be quite tight and strong.  "I... I can't get out.  This feels really tight... kinda nice.  Hey if we beat Star can I stay tied up in this later?  It feels pretty good."  With two down Star hopped over Hope's restrained body and proceeded towards the last girl who tried to stop her.  Sabrina had her arm reeled back, letting out a battle cry as she ran full tilt at Star.  However she put a little too much tilt into the run and ended up falling forward onto the gym floor.  

"Oof!  I'm... I'm okay!  I got this."  Sabrina picked herself up again, but managed to slip due to her socks and fell back again onto her butt.  "Ow!  Don't worry, it's okay.  I'll stop her."  Finally getting to her feet she managed to charge forward again with another war cry, only to be bested when Star took one single step to the side to allow Sabrina to fall over Hope's tangled body.  After some more apologizing and stumbling Star eventually helped the girl to her feet herself.  Using her magic she pulled a folding chair from one of the gym walls to them and set it up.  

"Here hun, why don't you just sit this one out."  Star offered and Sabrina sighed, sitting down in defeat.  Thankfully not crashing in the process.  Janna was shaking her head with her human hand over her face.  

"I can't believe you guys."  

"What the heck did you expect them to do?"  Star asked.  "It's not like any of them know how to fight.  It's time to give up Janna.  Let me fix you so that we can all just go home."  

"No!  I'm not letting you take this from me."  Janna shouted angrily, an act that surprised both Star and Marco.  "This arm is special.  It makes me special... and I'm not going to let you take all of this away after I've come this far.  This is important to me Star, don't you understand that?"

"Janna... look around you.  Look at what's happened to everyone, what that arm has done to your friends.  Is this really what you want?"  Janna was quiet after Star asked that, looking at the room of nearly stripped down people and the magical princess before her.  Finally she was able to reply.

"If my answer is yes?"  

"Well, it didn't really matter what you answered anyway."  Star said and raised her wand, firing a blast of magic Janna's way.  

The shot flew past, Janna no longer standing where she'd been.  The muscular monster arm flinging her body high into the air of the gym and over Star's attack.  Janna came down with her monster arm first, Star narrowly dodging the attack that cracked the floor of the gym when it hit.  "I won't let you stop this!"  She cried out and began her assault again, swinging the monster arm wildly at Star who was dodging each attack expertly.  Much to the amazement of the people watching.  

"Whoa."  Was all Marco could say as he looked on over the fight.  Jackie had her arms wrapped around him and was watching along as well, smiling confidently.  

"Don't worry Marco."  Jackie assured him.  "Janna will bring Star into the group along with us.  Then we can all have a good time together."  

As enticing as her offers was, Marco was too worried about his friend to really enjoy it.  "Jackie, listen to me.  You have to let me go.  Star and Janna are going to really hurt each other and I have to put a stop to this."  

"No you don't, you can just sit here with me and wait for it all to be over.  Besides, I think I know which side you really want to win."  Jackie said teasingly and rubbed her hips over Marco's lap, making the boy gasp from the pressure.  "Just wait for Janna to finish up, then we'll have a lot of fun."  

It seemed that Jackie had every right to be confident, Janna was swinging her tentacle arm around like a whip the size of a log.  Though Star managed to expertly dodge each attack as Janna pushed her back farther and farther.  The monster possessed girl was laughing in triumph.  "Give it up, Star!  You can't stop this, everything's already going my way."  She brought her arm down for another crushing attack which Star dodged once more, this time however her foot came down over the end of Janna's monster arm and shockingly to the girl it didn't come back up.  "Wha-what?  How are you...?"

"Janna."  Star said seriously, the girl's eyes snapping up to attention.  "Give up now or I'm going to fight you for real."  The threat shook the girl for a moment, strength leaving her as Star gave her an icy cold gaze.  But she wasn't going to give up everything that easily.  With a vicious roar Janna pulled the arm upward, freeing it from Star's pinning with her foot.  The princess wasted no time however as she ran directly towards Janna through her attacks, coming face to face and raising her hand.  With one quick motion Star brought her hand across Janna's face with a loud slap.

The hit was so unexpected it knocked Janna to her knees.  The monster arm fell to the ground lifelessly and Janna raised her human hand to her face, holding the place where she got hit.  "Star... Owwww... that... that really hurt."  Janna said with a shaky voice.  "Why did you hit me like that?"  She winced and sniffled a little, a red mark already showing on her face.  

"I didn't hit you that hard."  Star argued, feeling uncomfortable seeing someone cry from one of her attacks.  "Well it's not like you gave me a choice, you know!  I didn't want to do that to you."  

"It stings."  Janna whined.  

"I know... c'mon, can we stop now?"  Star asked, offering her hand to Janna.  "Let's go back to the way things were, okay?  Friends?"  Janna looked at Star's hand with uncertainty before taking it and rising up to her feet.

"Friends."  Janna said with a smile.  Then rose her tentacle arm to strike Star while her guard was down, hitting her hard enough to send her into the air and knocking the wand from her hand.

"NO!"  Marco shouted and tried to get up but was wrestled to the ground by Jackie.  She was putting up a harder fight now as Marco was trying to pull himself away.  Star herself was trying to recover from the blow and noticed her wand had slid across the gym floor away from her.  Crawling towards it Star felt a tug at her ankle as the monster arm began to creep up her legs and over her waist.  

"Friends."  Janna said menacingly.  "After this we'll be friends for life, I promise you.  You'll never want to leave my side again."  The tentacle's end slipped around Star's chest but she managed to keep her arms from being restrained.  It dove for her mouth but was caught in Star's grip who managed to restrain it.  Jackie growled as she pushed the monster arm harder but didn't seem to be gaining any leverage against Star's grip.  "Just how strong are you?"

"Marco!"  Star called out, the tentacle tip looming over her face.  "Need some back up over here right now!"  

"Yeah right, like I'd let you get to that wand."  Janna said confidently, walking in its direction.  Though when she started to move Star swung her wrapped legs the other way and pulled Janna off balance to the ground by her own tentacle arm.  "Seriously, how strong are you!?"

"Marco, right now!"  Star shouted, though he'd heard her the first time.  Jackie was putting up a real fight to keep him from getting away and Marco was having trouble throwing her off without hitting her.  

"Jackie, get off me!"  Marco yelled but the blonde girl didn't comply, her legs wrapping around him even tighter and doing everything in her power to keeps his arms down.  Normally he'd be happy to stay in this position but he knew Star couldn't hold out forever.  Seeing he couldn't safely out-muscle her Marco relaxed and let her take control of him.  "Hey Jackie?"  

"Marco?"  She asked, unsure of what was happening now that he'd let her win.

"Just remember... I'm doing this cause I care about you.  So don't be mad at me, okay?"  Marco leaned up and kissed the girl on the lips, seemingly breaking whatever concentration she had and causing her body to relax against his.  His hands rose up over her chest and gripped her breasts, causing Jackie to let an eager moan escape into their kiss.  With her now relaxing into his guidance Marco acted, and pushed her as hard as he could.  

Jackie fell off his body with a surprised yelp and Marco rolled up onto his feet, though he was a bit uncomfortable from all the teasing when he actually got to standing up.  But this was no time to be embarrassed by highly visible boners.  The wand was all the way on the other side of the gym where Star and Janna had been fighting.  With the lights on in the gym Marco was now able to see everyone's clothes had actually been dropped in a pile nearby, along with everything they'd brought with them here tonight.  Luck would have it he saw something that would help him get what he needed.  

Janna noticed that Marco had managed to get free of Jackie's grip during the struggle and she was still having a hard time wrestling Star into submission.  "Brittney!  Hope!  I need some assistance!"

"What do you want us to do about it!?"  Brittney shouted from her candy colored cage, still restrained by Star's earlier spell.  It was pretty obvious they wouldn't be able to help so she moved to the next likely candidate.

"Sabrina, get up and get that wand."  

"I'm on it!"  Sabrina replied and stood up quickly from the folding chair she'd been sitting on, only to get her foot caught in the chair and fall forward.  "Whoops!"  The cheer leader crashed to the ground, her leg stuck as the chair folded up when it fell with her.  "I'm... I'm caught."  

"Oh for the love of..."  She could see Marco was on his feet now and running towards the wand.  He was holding something too but she couldn't make out what it was.  That didn't matter though.  "Jackie!"  The skater girl sprung up to her feet.  "Don't let them get that wand!"  Like that she was off, racing behind Marco and quickly gaining on him as her powerful legs pushed her forward.  Though Marco had counted on this as he didn't think he could actually outrun the athletic girl.  As she began to gain on him Marco held out what he'd been carrying in his arms.  

"Hey Jackie, recognize this!"

"My skateboard!"  The girl cried in terror as Marco held up her prized possession above his head.  Letting it go the skateboard began to collide with the ground.  "Nooooo!"  In a dramatic leap worthy of an action film Jackie hit the ground to protect the skateboard from impact, stopping her pursuit.  Janna couldn't believe her eyes.  

"Are you kidding me, Jackie!?"  The girl roared in frustration, though that wouldn't be the end of her anger.  With no one to stop him Marco reached Star's wand and kicked it across the gym floor directly at the princess.  Star freed one of her arms used to hold the tentacle at bay and reached out, letting the wand slide into her grip.  Janna realized the danger she was in and tried to pull her arm back, but Star used her legs the grip it into place.

"Returnio Armus Normalrino!"  She shouted and blasted the monster arm and point blank range.  The effect was immediate as the grip around her body was released and Janna fell to her side as if she'd suddenly lost all her strength.  The mouth on the monster arm let out a horrible, wailing noise as it began to shrink back down and become Janna's arm once more.  Star rose to her feet as Marco walked over to her side to congratulate her.  

"Nice work Star.  Hey, I guess you could say we won the arms race, right?"  He asked feeling pretty clever at the one liner he delivered in their moment of victory.  "Get it?  Arms race?  Cause it was a monster arm?  Star?"  Marco looked to the girl who's gaze was straight down at Marco's boxers where his time with Jackie was making itself known as it pushed against the fabric.  "Star."  

"Huh?"  She asked, snapping her head up to look at him.

"I made a joke."  

"Oh, yeah that was... sure a thing."  She said again, her eyes trailing back downward.  

"So I'm just gonna go put my pajamas back on."  

"Yeah maybe that's a good idea."  Star agreed, finally pulling her eyes away with a blush as Marco left to get dressed.  

After a few uncomfortable minutes of redressing Star had managed to rouse Janna awake from her ordeal and freed the other girls from their magical (and non-magical in Sabrina's case) prisons.  Jackie rejoined them only when Marco promised not to put her skateboard in danger again.  Even with Janna's possessed arm the girls themselves still didn't want to part from Marco, surrounding him still minus their clothing.  

"I'm not going to say I'm really upset about this."  Marco began and Star had her arms crossed in annoyance.  

"I bet you're not."  The princess agreed.  

"But I really don't know what we're supposed to do to fix them.  I mean I thought when you got rid of the monster arm it would be all over."  While the duo was at a loss Janna had some input on the situation, coming to join them despite being in a groggy state.  

"They're still carrying the monster eggs."  Janna explained with a tired voice, herself having taken the time to get dressed into her pajamas again after being cured.  "As long as they have those they're going to be chasing after Marco until he gives them what they want."  Star and Marco exchanged a glance over that revelation, the boy ready to help of course.

"Well, if it's for their own good and I have to give them what they want-"  

"Keep it in your pants, lover boy."  Star stopped him.  "I'll take care of this."  

"You will?"  Marco asked in surprise as Star came over to where Marco was and took Hope and Jackie by the hand.

"Yeah, it's a spell I learned before I came to Earth that I didn't think I was ever going to use but now I'm glad my mom taught it to me.  Takes care of bad situations involving princesses that are way too adventurous with their boyfriends.  We gotta use the girls room for this, so you wait outside.  Gimme a hand Janna?"  The other girl nodded and brought Sabrina and Brittney with her as well, despite their reluctance to leave Marco's side and leaving the bewildered boy alone to ponder what it was they were going to do.  

A while later outside the gym where Marco was waiting the girls finally exited, fully dressed and back to normal.  Though they all looked like they'd been through an ordeal as they were unsure in their steps.  It looked like Star had gotten whatever was in them out because they didn't even look his direction once they were in the open air.  Star and Janna came out last, talking to one another.

"Are you sure it's okay to just leave everything like this?"  Star asked, looking back at the gym door.  "We kind of wrecked the place.  Plus I'd hate to be the janitor that cleans up that bathroom."  

"Nah, schools are funded for this kind of thing.  Better to let them do it than try to explain why we were all here in the middle of the night."  Janna answered in a way that didn't surprise Marco at all.  Getting to his feet from where he'd been sitting Marco approached them.  

"So everything's back to normal?"  Marco asked carefully, Star answering with a happy tone.

"Yep!  No more monster junk inside anyone anymore.  But um..."  She leaned in closer to Marco to whisper.  "They all don't really remember what happened.  I guess having those eggs inside them really warped their minds when they were under its control.  So I just told them a monster took over everybody's minds and you helped me set them all free."

"Oh... uh, cool."  He didn't mind being depicted as the hero but felt a little bad since it didn't really go down that way.  "So no one remembers what we did?"

"Mostly.  I mean they were all naked in the bathroom when they came to so they know something happened but I down played it."  Maybe that was for the best.  Being turned into sex craved slaves wasn't the nicest thing to find out happened to you second hand.  Jackie and Hope were talking to each other and Sabrina was waiting next to Brittney who was on her phone.  "Just go along with it so everyone feels better about this."  

"Oh... okay."  Marco replied, deciding that was probably for the best.  Once Brittney was done with her call she turned accusing eyes in the direction of Star and Marco.  

"Listen Butterface, I know all of this had something to do with you!  There's no way anything weird doesn't happen around here if it didn't have your hands in it.  So maybe you saved me or something but that just makes us even since I bet you caused it in the first place."  Marco glared at the girl, wondering how high and mighty she'd be acting if she knew the truth.  It didn't seem to bother Star though as she just waved to her.

"Sure thing Brittney, glad everything worked out for you."  

"Whatever."  Brittney grumbled in defiance.  Shortly after a black car pulled up along the side of the road and stopped next to where the Asian girl had been waiting.  Opening the back seat she crawled inside without another word and Sabrina followed after.  Though before she got in she turned to the others and waved back at them.

"I don't know what happened but thank you for saving us, guys."  Sabrina said and earned a wave from everyone else.  Leaning down Sabrina managed to hit her head on the car roof before getting inside and driving away with Brittney.  

Jackie approached Star and Marco next, looking more confused than angry over the whole ordeal.  Hope was sitting off to the side with Janna as they were both working things out together.  In a way everyone was coping with this mess.  Marco was happy that Jackie was still willing to talk to him after all the insanity.  "So... I guess you guys saved me huh?  That's cool."  

"It's no problem."  Star assured Jackie and the skater girl smiled a little more confidently.  She turned to Marco next, her eyes settling directly on his.

"Star and Janna said something happened with all of us, something weird that left us all almost naked together?"  Jackie asked unsure and Marco wasn't able to keep eye contact at that question.  But he had to say something in reply, something that wasn't a mess of jumbled words like usual.  

"Yeah, it was kind of strange.  But nothing um... "disrespectful" happened?"  

Star leaned in to their conversation.  "He means nothing naughty happened with you two."  Marco coughed uncomfortably at her interjection and Jackie turned her eyes away, her foot rubbing the ground nervously.  "Not that he doesn't think you're a hottie.  But even as a mostly naked hottie Marco's still there to protect your virtue."  Marco's cough was a little more insistent now as he tried to flag Star to quit while she was ahead, Jackie clasping her hands in front of herself tightly as she looked at the ground.  "I mean even if you were possessed by a monster and on top of him he wouldn't have-" Marco nudged Star with his elbow to bring her attention to everyone's awkward silence besides her.  "Oh... uh... I'll go talk to Janna and Hope."  Excusing herself Star joined the other girls to let Marco and Jackie talk in peace.  

After a long moment of silence between them they were able to make eye contact again, Marco letting out a sigh.  "Sorry that tonight has been just so weird.  It kinda happens around me a lot lately."  

"Weird's not a bad thing."  Jackie replied.  "Hey, you wouldn't take advantage of a girl even if you had the chance right?"  

"What?  No!  Never.  That would be just awful to do to anyone."  

"Then I guess you really were a hero tonight.  Most guys wouldn't stop if they got the chance."  Jackie said with a smile and leaned up to give Marco a quick kiss on the cheek.  "I don't remember a lot but I know something happened with us.  So thank you.  See you at school, Diaz."  

"I.. dah... uh..."  Marco stammered, words no longer able to find a way to come together from his lips.

"Right."  The skater girl said with a smile and walked back over to the other girls.  They chatted a little outside of earshot from Marco before Jackie sat her skateboard down on the ground and got on with Hope holding her from behind.  The two girls waved to everyone before taking off down the hill, leaving just the trio who were the only ones that knew the truth of what had happened here tonight.  With their business concluded they decided leaving the scene of the crime was the right idea and began to walk back to Marco's home.  

"Thank goodness that mess is over with."  Star said as she stretched her arms out while they walked together under the starry night sky.  "No more weirdness at school, everyone gets to go back to normal."  

"I agree."  Marco said with a sigh of relief and a little bit of anxiousness.  After a night of being covered in half naked girls and getting a (willing) kiss from Jackie he was both worn out and really pent up.  If only Star had been a few minutes later... but this was probably for the best.  He even got to see a bunch of girls topless tonight, including Janna.  Speaking of which she was trailing behind them slowly, carrying her backpack against her chest and looking at the pavement while they walked.  "Hey Janna, is everything okay?"  Marco and Star stopped walking and so did Janna, still hugging her bag against her chest tightly.  

"I really messed up."  She said quietly.  "I really messed things up."  Janna sounded as if she might be on the verge of tears and Star walked up to her, giving her a big hug out of nowhere.  

"Hey, listen you.  Maybe you did but everything that happened was because of that big bad monster arm.  You're still our friend, okay?"  Star assured her and Janna looked up with hopeful eyes.  

"Really?"  She asked, Star nodding her head.  "So you really want to still be friends with me?"  Star nodded again.  "And... I can still sleep over at your place tonight?"  Star nodded for a third time, getting Janna to stand up straight from her slumped posture and smile in return.  "Thank you Star."  

"That's what friends are for."  The two shared a hug together, but Marco wasn't done with this conversation.  

"Hold on now, I got something to say as well."  Janna's body became rigid with fear hearing his disapproval, but Star was there for her defense.

"Marco, don't be mean to her!  It was all that monster arm's fault that she acted this way.  Don't go blaming Janna for what it made her do."  

"Look, I'm not blaming her for what it made her do.  I know what that thing can do to alter your thinking.  Also Star, I'm sorry I doubted you on what was causing all these problems.  You were right from the beginning, I just couldn't see it."  

"It's okay Marco, I was wrong about it being you after all.  I shouldn't have accused you just because you were the most likely suspect."  Everyone seemed to breath a sigh of relief with the tension gone between them.  It did leave a question though.  "So... how exactly DID Janna get a monster arm attached to her?"  

"Oh yeah, right.  That was the other thing I was leading up to."  Marco said and took Janna's bag out of her hands.  Unzipping it he began placing the bottles of dangerous magical ingredients and house hold chemicals on the side walk.  "I'm confiscating these due to gross misuse of magic in the Earthly realm per the authority of the only guy responsible with magical garbage around here."  

"Whoa, this is some big league stuff."  Star said in amazement as she moved over to where the bottles had been arranged to read the labels.  "Tiracorn horn shavings.  Beholder eye drops.  Platypus blood!  Janna where did you get all of this?"  The girl was standing by nervously now after she'd just gained Star's acceptance.  But considering she'd shared the details with Marco already there wasn't any point in hiding it.  

"Well I sort of 'borrowed' a few things from this display case I saw when we went on that field trip?"

"You stole some of the most dangerous magical ingredients in the universe from a locked display case?"  Star asked in disbelief and Janna could only shrug in return.

"If they wanted it guarded so bad they should have put a better lock on it."  The logic wasn't really there for Marco but the solution seemed clear enough.  

Marco nodded to Star.  "Destruction of evidence?"  

"Heck yeah!  I ain't getting caught with this stuff on us."  Star agreed, zapping the spot of the pavement with a beam of magic that was too serious to get a silly name attached to it.  Where once Janna's stolen goods had lined up was now a smoking black spot on the concrete.  "Well now THAT puts all of this mess behind us."  Everyone seemed glad to be rid of it aside from the girl that stole them in the first place.

"If I'd known I'd have to get rid of them like that I would have tried some more small magic spells first."  Janna complained.

"Glad we got to them in time then."  Marco stated and lead the way back to his house.  "I'm heading to bed.  This has been too much for one night for me."  

Star yawned loudly and followed behind Marco.  "Yeah, it's pretty late.  Let's go Janna, we'll find something magical that's less body altering to do tomorrow."  

"Can't wait!"  Janna said happily, earning a groan from Marco who was keeping pace ahead of them.  As their night was coming to a close one last question was on Star's mind.  

"Hey Janna, can I ask you something?"  

"Sure thing, what is it Star?"  

"You went to all of that trouble to kidnap Marco when you were possessed by that monster arm, but you used all that spell stuff to summon one on yourself.  If you could put a monster arm on anybody then why did you try so hard to make sure it was him?"  The question certainly caught her off guard as Janna's eyes widened when she was asked.  Watching the boy ahead of them she sighed a little under her breath.  

"I guess he was... special to me."  

"Special?"  Star asked, now more curious than ever.  

"Yeah, because he... um..."  Thinking harder about what she planned to say next, Janna's demeanor changed as she put on an air of disinterest instead caution.  "I mean, it must have been special to the Monster Arm.  Since he had one before it could probably sense it.  Know what I mean?"  

"Well... I'm not sure I get what you're saying, but I think I know what you mean."  Star said with a knowing smile, a look that softened Janna's expression.

"Yeah.  Thank you, Star."  

"Don't mention it.  That's what friends are for."
Bride of Monster Arm - Chapter 5 - Janna Part 2
Something has been visiting the students of Echo Creek Academy in the middle of the night.  No one sees it come or leave, no one fully remembers the encounter, but it's leaving a mark on the female students.  And all its victims seem to be very interested in Marco Diaz after the attack.  Star Butterfly attempts to solve the mystery behind this nightly intruder before she becomes a victim herself.

This is a non-profit fanfiction created for entertainment purposes only. Star Vs. The Forces of Evil is not owned by myself and I did not profit from this writing. Please support the official release.


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